It is said in the village… – Si dice nel villaggio… – Se spune prin sat…

Trilingual text: English, Italian and Romanian language

Here, the snow is green, the sky is green
You might think that we look at the world through a young leaf
I would like to know in the eyes of the blade of grass how it sees our body weighed
panting so under our feet?
But, the snowflakes crashing of eyelids?
It is said in the village that the soul of firs has reached up there and complained
The light is deepened in itself and is silent, the children are asleep, from the their dreams
descends down the green vivid
It is said in the village, recently, that is no more loneliness, it’s just an illusion,
it is a whole that pulsates, but that’s another story…
into economy of the sky we are here just desires and tears
the green creates certain confusion between them – ironically, the grass has never complained
nor the flakes, only the firs, because they cut everything they had more expensive, their peaks
and then, the children do not enjoy them, but only of colored packages…
Here the snow is transformed in the night, the sky oversees, you might think that we see the world only with the empty eye sockets…


Qui, la neve è verde, il cielo è verde
Si potrebbe pensare che guardiamo il mondo attraverso una giovane foglia
Vorrei sapere gli occhi del filo d’erba come ci vedono con il nostro corpo pesato,
ansimando così sotto i nostri passi?
Ma, i fiocchi di neve schiantarsi dalle palpebre?
Si dice nel villaggio che l’anima dell’abete si alzò lì e si lamentò
La luce si approfondisce nel se stessa e tace, i bambini sono addormentati, dai loro sogni
scende giù il verde vivente
si dice nel villaggio, di recente, che non esiste più la solitudine, è solo un’illusione,
c’è un Intero che pulsa, ma questa è un’altra storia…
nell’economia del Cielo noi siamo qui soltanto desideri e lacrime
il verde crea una certa confusione tra di loro – ironia della sorte, l’erba non si è mai lamentata
o i fiocchi, solo gli alberi, perché le hanno tagliato tutto quello che avevano più caro, i loro picchi
poi, i bambini non li godono, ma, soltanto di pacchetti colorati…
Qui la neve si è fatta notte, il cielo sovrintende, si potrebbe pensare che guardiamo il mondo solo con le orbite degli occhi vuote…


Aici zăpada e verde, cerul e verde
Ai zice că privim lumea printr-o frunză tânără
Aș vrea să știu ochii firului de iarbă cum ne vede cântărindu-ne trupul,
gâfâind sub pasul greu?
Dar fulgul de nea spărgându-se de pleoapă?
Se spune în sat că sufletul brazilor a ajuns acolo sus și s-a plâns
Lumina se adâncește în sine și tace, copiii au adormit, din viselor lor
coboară verdele viu
se spune în sat, mai nou, că nu există singurătate, e doar o iluzie
un întreg pulsează, dar aceasta-i altă poveste…
în economia cerului suntem aici doar dorințe și lacrimi
verdele crează anume confuzii între ele – culmea, firul ierbii nu s-a plâns niciodată
și nici fulgii, doar brazii, fiindcă li se taie tot ce au mai scump, vârfurile
ca apoi copiii să se bucure nu de ei, ci de pachețelele colorate…
Aici zăpada noptează, cerul veghează, ai zice că privim lumea
doar cu găvanele…


30 de gânduri despre „It is said in the village… – Si dice nel villaggio… – Se spune prin sat…

  1. This poem does everything for me a great poem should do. I think I might like to reblog it in my new blog under a category which I will create called ” Poems by 21st century poets.” Will that be okay? Listen, I have a little question about one word of your poem. It’s „transformed”. Maybe I don’t have a question. I believe I understand what you meant, and that is very good–and enough for me to know. However, maybe I just have a comment. When I see the word „transformed,” I think of a beneficial occurrence. This is simply the most common, ordinary usage of the word. For transformation to be read with negative connotations, more details would be elaborated;someone who transforms into a werewolf on the full moon, for example. Please forgive me for tearing open a word of your awesome poem. Anyway, it was great seeing your post in my reader today. For too long, I have not had time to enjoy your work. 🙂


    1. I thank you with all my heart …
      you can do whatever you want, just put the name of the author …
      I put ,,transform,, becouse I do not know how you say in English that make the night by itself …in Romanian language there is a word for this …


      1. One problem I have writing poetry is giving away too much information. I love it that you say, „Here we see the snow is green, the sky is green.” I would have been tempted to say, „If we see the snow is…” In the last line, I would have said, „When the snow…” I like your way much better. You aren’t speculating (like I do.) You really are creating an experience for the reader. „Transform” is a good word here, but best to say it like this, ” Here the snow transforms the night.” Thus, the snow is changing the night into the „empty eye socket.” Another part of your poem that I’m thinking about is the sentence about the Firs. „Because they cut everything they had more expensive” sounds like a loose translation. But, I’m still very impressed that it works so well. I have a link to your poem on my new blog now, and yes, I remembered to put your name. I hope. I know I put it in the category. I”ll double check first thing in the morning. I’m barely getting familiar with the theme I’m using on this blog. I am very awkwardly just beginning with it. Thank you for being my first installment of poetry. You give me a high standard now to maintain.


      2. You’re welcome. Thank you for „liking” my bio. I’m having some technical troubles with my new blog tonight. I’m going to have to call it a night.


  2. „Aici zăpada e verde, cerul e verde
    Ai zice că privim lumea printr-o frunză tânără.” Greenleaffy zice și ea, ca și ceilalți: It’s awesome your poem, indeed!


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