3lingual post © valeriu barbu

At evening time
On the ledge, thirsty
It sits shy just the autumn
The window is still open
At dawn
Bed sheet untouched.

Al momento della sera
Sul davanzale, assetato
Si siede timido solo l’autunno
La finestra è ancora aperta
Lenzuolo intatto
La vreme de seară
Pe pervazul însetat
Se așază sfioasă doar Toamna
Fereastra încă deschisă
În zori
Așternut neatins


9 thoughts on “longing

  1. Another excellent work. Enough said!!

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  2. hai colto l’essenza di questa stagione dell’anima, malinconica.

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  3. theroadsarerivers

    Very tender poem.


  4. Simple, direct and concise. Nice!

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  5. Reblogged this on Keys and Keyholes and commented:
    Just lovely bilingual poetry about “longing”. The opening stanza says it all. So nice!


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