Tree of poems (2)

Trilingual post: English, Italiano, Română

motto: perhaps that the tree of Eden was full just of poems …

many do not enjoy the peace, because they do not know what is the war
many do not enjoy the health, because they do not know what is the disease
some rejoice for a simple greeting, because they know
what is loneliness
and there are those who
never get tired of donating
because they know what is love

b1 Albero dei poemi (2)
motto: forse l’albero edenico era pieno soltanto di poemi …

molti non godono la pace, perché non sanno cos’è la guerra
molti non godono la salute, perché non sanno cos’è la malattia
alcuni gioiscono per un semplice saluto, perché sanno
cos’è la solitudine
e ci sono quelli che
non si stancano mai di donare
perché essi sanno cos’è l’amore

b4 Pomul cu poeme (2)
motto: poate că pomul edenic era plin doar cu poeme…

pe mulți nu-i bucură pacea, fiindcă nu știu ce-i războiul
pe mulți nu-i bucură sănătatea, fiindcă nu știu ce-i boala
pe unii îi bucură un simplu salut, fiindcă aceștia știu
ce-i singurătatea
și mai sunt cei care
niciodată nu obosesc dăriund
fiindcă ei știu ce-i iubirea



25 thoughts on “Tree of poems (2)

  1. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing!


  2. Wonderful shoot~love it
    Good day~dear


  3. Love your work, enjoy reading it very much. Keep up the great job!!


  4. Fabulous. I can’t leave this post without saying that the first picture rinds me of the queen in Snow White! Great post. Great poem. Great blog.


  5. Absolutely lovely. She has a face, a visage, that should be painted. People like her, with their lives imprinted for all to see, their joys, their sorrows, should be painted. I only wish that I had that skill, that talent. Lovely poem to capture it. 🙂


  6. Before I forget...

    Beautiful 🙂


  7. Valeriu, I love this! So true, and so beautiful! I really enjoy the simple beauty acknowledged in this. Nice work.


  8. Bella, Valeriu! Marisa


  9. Beautiful photo, it resonates with your words, “never get tired of donating, because they know what is love”. Perfect.


  10. Simple and nice.


  11. Your poetry is inspired and the fact you translate it into these languages, amazing! I nominated you for the very inspiring blogger award. I don’t know if you’ve been nominated before but here is the post


  12. Incredible photo! Everything in it tells a story, especially the beautiful, child-like expression on the woman’s face


  13. really beautiful – this one especially!


  14. Full of meaning, the photo and the prose…


  15. Love this one – a lovely sentiment. It works better in Italian than English (in English you could write simply …because they do not know war, …because they do not know disease i.e. they have no experience of war or disease)


  16. Beautiful poem, beautiful sentiment. Also kudos to whomever took that first picture. It is absolutely stunning! ( the 1/3 is spot on)


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