Filthy rich

Trilingual text: English, Italian and Romanian languages

It found my future
a witch, paid with the last my coin
Watched him there, where only she knows
Has seen that I will become an old filthy rich
Today, I’m just filthy
Has seen that I will become an old much loved, today, I’m just old
Also, has found there, in the future, even the my past
It has wore someone else
Today, the only certainty is a coin gliding in her palm


Ricco sfondato
Ha trovato il mio futuro
una strega, pagata con il mio ultimo solduccio
Lo guardò lì, dove solo lei sa
Ha visto che diventerò un vecchio ricco sfondato
Oggi, io sono solo sfondato
Ha visto che diventerò, un vecchio molto amato, oggi, sono solo vecchio
Inoltre, ha trovato lì, nel futuro, anche il mio passato
l’ho indossava qualcun altro
Oggi, l’unica certezza è il mio solduccio nel suo palmo


Putred de bogat
mi-a găsit viitorul
o vrăjitoare plătită cu ultimul bănuț
l-a căutat unde doar ea știe
în el a văzut că voi fi un bătrân putred de bogat
astăzi sunt dor putred
voi fi un bătrân foarte iubit, astăzi sunt doar bătrân
a mai găsit acolo, în viitorul meu, și trecutul
îl purta fălos un altul
astăzi, unica certitudine este bănuțul meu lunecând în palma ei



10 gânduri despre „Filthy rich

  1. This „Strega?” may or may not be a charlatan. Keep looking. The one you will be directed to eventually, will tell you things about yourself, your past physical and spiritual self that no one but you could know. Then. . . tell you your future.. It’s beautiful when it happens.


      1. Gotcha. But I, back then your normal skeptic, was humbled by two Impossible experiences, accurate to a fault past and future, by the same Christian woman who gave me a present of the little booklet, „An imitation of Christ”, And another about the Holy Spirit.which I lost. She recommended I do a weekend retreat at a seminary in Hartford, but I never did. Your poem may have made use of Poetic license but I responded this way anyway. After her I have not met another who was anything but a quack. Someday I will do a short post on that subject listing my experiences and you can see what you think. Thanks for the feedback.Write more and often


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