induced denial of self

Trilingual text: English, Italian and Romanian languages

Motto: Prometheus did not want to give people the fire, but
to set fire the world

To you feel that have the teeth of another someone
and own voracious mouth to bite you
That other soles haughty they walk in your shoes
and when you want to drink a third hand raises his glass too up
you still having your perpetual thirst
Behold, is the irreversible loss of itself
in the hologram of road of the successes


indotta negazione di sé
Motto: Prometeo non volesse dare alla gente il fuoco, ma
di incendiare il mondo

Sentirti che hai i denti di qualcun altro
e la propria bocca vorace di morderti
che altre suole camminano altezzose nelle tue scarpe
e quando si vuole bere una terza mano, solleva il bicchiere troppo alto
rimanendoti perpetua sete
Ecco l’irreversibile perdita del sé
nell’ologramma della strada dei successi


indusa lepădare de sine
motto: Prometeu nu a vrut să dăruiască oamenilor focul, ci
să incendieze lumea

să simți că ai dinții altuia
și propria gură vorace mușcându-te
că alte tălpi umblă trufașe în pantofii tăi
iar când vrei să bei, o a treia mână îți saltă paharul prea sus
ție rămânându-ți perpetua sete
iată pierderea ireversibilă a sinelui
în holograma drumului succeselor



9 gânduri despre „induced denial of self

  1. Adore your verse…glimpses into your mind- fascinating. Makes the soul feel embraced to read such raw honesty- in something that would seem to have created more distance to a reader, instead draws one closer. That is a gift…for us …you and your readers


      1. hahaha no intention of doing so. Everyone has their own little wagons they pull along whether behind them or in front. Mine is enough to experience first hand. Admittedly I have „seen” those of others, sometimes to my own torture but as a former nurse, the burdens of many find their way into a sleep deprived soul. In truth I consciously have undertaken from an early age to not let myself to not take myself too seriously- with undoubtedly waves of being washed over in the waves of the outer world.Just moved by your work.


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