Trilingual text: English, Italian and Romanian

So much it loved Narcissus-redivivus the selves
So that wished to clone it and then to sodomize
Or his face sip to the last drop the mirror of the lake
Up to the moment when his dream-obsession was happened
You could not know who is he, and who the clone, who is the real image, and who the mirrored
The ironical shadows have foreshadowed a third Narcissus, unexpected …
The latter, with a gesture with his hand, has erased the blackboard of world

Cosi tanto amava Narciso-redivivus il sé
Che desiderava clonarsi e poi sodomizzarsi
O il suo viso di sorseggiare fino all’ultima goccia lo specchio del lago
Fino al momento in cui il suo sogno-ossessione si avverì
Non si poteva sapere chi è lui e chi il clone, chi l’immagine reale e chi il rispecchiato
Ironiche ombre prefiguravano un terzo Narciso, insospettabile…
Quest’ultimo, con un gesto con la mano, terse la lavagna del mondo

Într-atât îşi iubea sinele Narcis redivivus
Încât îşi dorea o clonă pe care să şi-o sodomizeze
Sau chipul său să soarbă până la ultimul strop oglinda lacului
Până în clipa când visul-obsesie se împlini şi
Nu s-a putut şti care este el, care clona, care-i chipul real, care oglinditul
Ironice umbrele prefigurau un al treilea Narcis, nebănuit…
Acesta din urmă, cu un simplu gest cu mâna, şterse tabla lumii


21 thoughts on “Narcissus

  1. Beautiful, profound and so sad it made me weep. To quote Gerard Manley Hopkins: ‘It is the blight man was born for…’ Ali x


  2. Captivating in its imagery. Well done.


  3. This is brilliant. Despite that Jung is so out of vogue in the clinical world I work in, and I’m Greek, this image captures the pathology of most of my patients…. I like the artist style. You’re gifted! Yasure, Dr. J


  4. Ah I’ve just realised ! Echo was split of from Narcissus’ self, and became delusion, furthermore an auditory hallucination…I wonder if the reflection could be portrayed differently visually… Nymphs in disguise perhaps? Good stuff


    • it comes to the Narcissus modern, current, which would be able to love each other until the destruction of the world…
      however, here comes the third himself and this is the innovator spirit
      thank you


  5. the pictures you select retain a lot of charm complying with your beautiful writing


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