Trilingual text: English, Italian and Romanian

the indifference, cheating, profiteering, murder
have always been a faith
the people make a excessive noise
their hearts do not sing anymore, are the badly tuned instruments
or filled with the apparent needs
in the inkwell of the sky nobody longer immerse his pen to write of love
today love is just an abstract concept or a formula
everything, including the marriage, are in leasing, less the death…

l’indifferenza, l’imbroglio, l’affarismo, l’omicidio
sono sempre stati una fede
la gente fa un eccessivo rumore di fondo
i loro cuori non cantano più, sono strumenti stonati
o riempiti con degli apparenti bisogni
nel calamaio del cielo, più nessuno non s’immerge la penna per scrivere all’amore
oggi l’amore è solo un concetto astratto o una formula
tutto, compreso il matrimonio, sono in leasing, meno la morte …

Indiferenţa, înşelarea, specula, crima
au fost dintotdeauna o credinţă
oamenii produc un exagerat zgomot de fond
inimile lor nu mai cântă de mult, sunt instrumente dezacordate
sau pline cu nevoi aparente
în călimara cerului nimeni nu-şi mai înmoaie pana, să scrie iubirii
astăzi iubirea este doar un concept abstract sau formulă
totul, inclusiv căsătoriile, sunt în leasing, mai puţin moartea…


25 thoughts on “Leasing

  1. Thank your for your post; it is very good. Can you please tell me why your chose the languages of Italian, Romanian, and English? Please have a blessed day.

    Senior Pastor/Equipping the Saints
    Philip 3:10, “That I May Know Him”


  2. Yes, sadly too many people are alive and busy but not really living. I love your line “their hearts do not sing anymore”, so true.


  3. Once more, proving you have a strong grasp on theology and the human life. Well done, my friend, you have surpassed us all once again.


  4. Very True thoughts on Love. Hope for the time when things Change.


  5. Reblogged this on MsKristina85 and commented:
    Valeriu is a lovely poet, whom I’ve been following for over a year. I enjoy all of his pieces, so I thought I’d share one. He has seven volumes of poetry already published.


  6. Simon James Terzo

    “… la gente fa un eccessivo rumore di fondo…” reale,semplice,cruda, intensa, vera. Amo questa frase.


  7. I appreciate your english very much. Thank-you. Tara


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