trilingual text: english, italian and romanian

the currency of the soul is an illusion, an expectation
the exchange rate, the hesitations
in the stock market of the sentiments louder shout the infirmities
the crisis, the inflations, the ingenious hits, they are brands of the speculators
Your absence from the moment destined for love… you pay with interest
and not the body is most hurt
in the market economy the pains are free or bonus

la moneta dell’anima è l’illusione, aspettativa
il tasso di cambio, le esitazioni
nel mercato azionario dei sentimenti più forte grida le infermità
le crisi, l’inflazioni, i colpi da maestro, sono le marche degli speculatori
la tua assenza dal attimo destinato per amore, lo paghi con interessi
e non il corpo è ferito di più
nell’economia di mercato i dolori sono gratis o il bonus

moneda de schimb a sufletului este iluzia, aşteptarea
cursul de schimb, şovăirile
la bursa sentimentelor cel mai tare strigă neputinţele
crize, inflaţii, lovituri de maestru, le fac speculanţii
absenţele tale din clipa destinată iubirii le plăteşti cu dobândă
şi cel mai păgubit nu este trupul
în economia de piaţă durerile vin gratis sau bonus


14 thoughts on “discounts

  1. The soul being trashed for cash. You impress upon the reader the conflation of a market economy and the price of our own self-respect. Great effort.
    Cheers, Laurie Keim


  2. Is it too much to say you’re right on the money with this one? I love it. Thank you very much. Richard.


  3. Very nice.

    Love lasts, building equity in your life that takes no effort to create. Currency is a thing of the mind, its value only as good as the continued illusion that it’s worth something.


  4. Don’t think i fully comprehend this piece, but i do feel it wholly. Good imagery!


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