Another language…

 trilingual text: english, italian and romanian

Commercial language has turned us into
the consumers of art, the consumer of emotions
consumers of God, of ourselves, of illusions…
and for anything ourselves we put between us to pay…
also the generosity comes with a price …not to say
of what it costs us the birth and death…
and other language did not allow us to learn…

a2Un’altra lingua … 
Linguaggio Commerciale ci ha trasformato in
consumatori di arte, consumatori di emozioni
consumatori di Dio, di noi stessi, d’illusioni…
e per qualsiasi cosa ci mettiamo tra noi a pagare…
anche la generosità ha un prezzo …per non dire
quanto ci costa la nascita e la morte…
e un’altra lingua non ci ha permesso di imparare…

a4O altă limbă…
Limbajul comercial ne-a transformat în
Consumatori de artă, consumatori de emoții,
Consumatori de Dumnezeu, de noi înșine, de iluzii…
și pentru orice ne punem unii pe alții la plată…
până și generozitatea are un preț… să nu mai spun
cât ne costă nașterea și moartea…
și alt limbaj nu ni se permite să învățăm….



12 thoughts on “Another language…

  1. Aside from sublime words – what an amazingly good photograph!


  2. namaewaguildo

    Awesome combo of words and pictures! Bravo


  3. Reblogged this on Forget the Viagra, Pass Me a Carrot and commented:
    I admire those who handle the skill of language with such finesse. Having lived and been schooled abroad I have in my time learned Afrikaans, French and Spanish. Because I work in English all have become rather rusty but I am just about to embark on Italian lessons since my husband tells me I speak all others with an Italian accent anyway! However, this post was very interesting. Commercial language and I will add to that subliminal language that we ingest without knowing. It is amazing what you absorb flicking through a magazine or through the adverts between programmes. Great blog by Valeriu dg Barbu


  4. Instead of consuming we should cultivate


  5. 112 likes? Damn man. You’re good. Romantic. Tris-lingual and have groovy pictures but what’s a girl gotta do to get some likes up in here? You’ve read me and liked me before…any chance..super hot..super smart guy that you would read me again? Consider it a pity read if you must…here’s my link:


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