To largest protest…

Trilingual post: English, Italian and Romanian languages

My lady, enough, so we can no longer,
I protest, is really unfair
Look at you, the things has the wrong measure
You have two breasts, and I… why I only one mouth?


Donna mia, basta, così non si può più,
Io protesto, è davvero imbarazzante
Guarda te, le cose hanno delle misure sbagliate:
Tu hai due seni, ed io perché ho soltanto una bocca?


Femeie, gata, așa nu se mai poate,
Protestez, este chiar o… nedreptate
uite, lucrurile au cea mai greșită măsură,
tu ai doi sâni, eu de ce am numai o gură?



11 thoughts on “To largest protest…

  1. ahahaha! thanks for this i like to laugh!


  2. This is really funny. A really good post.


  3. thisoldtoad2014

    Reblogged this on thisoldtoadblog.


  4. thisoldtoad2014

    i must study your writing more closely i’m loving the flavor or you’re writing style.


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