invitation in the paradise


14 thoughts on “invitation in the paradise

  1. Beautiful country, It was my mother’s birthplace 🙂 Thank you for posting.


  2. So beautiful and unspoilt.


  3. A video presentation that makes justice to Romania’s natural beauties. It depends only on Romanian people that their guests leave from Romania with a pleasant unforgettable experience and a thirst to come back and to discover more. Private sector should unite their efforts to make more and more videos like Wild Carpathia to promote Romania’s tourism sector. Wild Carpathia should be only the beginning.


  4. Romania este o tara foarte frumoasa , pacat ca multi romani ataca romani in mediul online !!! Astia sunt romanii niste gunoaie care urla in mediul online ce mult iubesc Romania si romanii , iar pe conturi fictive te ameninta cu moartea si alte mizerii. Astia sunt romanii din mediul online – niste gunoaie!!! Pacat de tara asta frumoasa!


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