Issues of unbelief, institutionalization of the Creator

Trilingual post: English, Italian and Romanian languages

Because there are so many people involved to convince
about a God or another
and ironically, the vast majority of them do not believe in a God,
means that humanity has no problems of faith, but of unbelief
are more priests and preachers, than doctors,
than agriculturists, or than school teachers…
and this is, because the institution of unbelief …is profitable


Perché ci sono così tante persone coinvolte a convincermi
su un Dio o un altro
e l’ironia della sorte, la stragrande maggioranza di loro non crede in nessun Dio,
Significa che l’umanità non ha problemi di fede, ma di miscredenza
sono più preti e predicatori, quanto i medici,
quanto gli agricoltori, o insegnanti di scuola…
e questo, perche l’istituzione dell’incredulità …è redditizia


Deoarece există atât de multe persoane implicate pentru a convinge
despre un Dumnezeu sau altul
și culmea, majoritatea covârșitoare a acestora, nu cred în niciun Dumnezeu,
înseamnă că umanitatea nu are probleme de credință ci de necredință
sunt mai mulți preoți și predicatori decât medici,
decât agricultori, decât învățători de carte…
și aceasta fiindcă instituția necredinței …rentează


10 gânduri despre „Issues of unbelief, institutionalization of the Creator

  1. So sad but so true. The business of religion – originally driven by clerics trying to force people to believe there is a God and bow to the church, now driven by evangelistic atheists trying to force people to believe there is no God and bow to bad pseudoscience – is nothing but a way for charlatans to make money. The question of God is a matter of faith alone to be answered privately in one’s own heart. The industry of religion/antireligion makes me sick. Good post.


    1. I believe that we need to clarify things in our hearts and not to look more than at the army of charlatans, the true God is not ritualistic, be institutionalized, it exists up everything in the universe, including us, is life, is the positive side of us. .. and it is all said
      really makes me disgusting the preachers non-believers, but that too will enrich barking of God


  2. In a related way, many times we make our pain into institutions and familiar ritual and we do not look for transcendence and letting dissolve back into the primordial idea-space; this is like looking in the wrong direction and people are taken advantage of by people who sell philosophy and religion. Thank you for this post!


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