How will I be good – Come sarò buono – Cum voi fi bun

trilingual text: English, Italian and Romanian language

to think of me that I would be the bread – the mirror will bite me the hands, the face?
to think of me that I would be the wine – the mirror will drink me into a swig?
to think of me that I would be the mirror …
the mirror it will look in the mirror, until the melting
and I will return in the incandescent silicon
barely there, in the grain of sand, I will complete the bread and wine
otherwise no.


pensarmi che sarei il pane – lo specchio mi morderà le mani, il viso
pensarmi che sarei il vino – lo specchio mi berrà in una sorsata
pensarmi che sarei lo specchio …
lo specchio si guarderà allo specchio, fino allo scioglimento
ed io tornerò nel silicio incandescente
mala pena là, nel granello di sabbia, io completerò il pane e il vino
altrimenti no


să mă închipui că sunt o pâine – oglinda o să-mi muşte mâinile, obrazul
să mă închipui o cană cu vin – oglinda o să mă soarbă dintr-o înghiţitură
să mă închipui oglindă…
oglinda o să se privească-n oglindă, până la topire
şi o să mă întoarcă in siliciul incandescent
abia acolo, în bobul de nisip, voi desăvârşi pâinea şi vinul
altfel nu

25 de gânduri despre „How will I be good – Come sarò buono – Cum voi fi bun

  1. I really tried to dig into this.. For the moment with the help of your explanation, I think this is about practicing what you are preaching. I am also very guilty of this.. My words are full of light yet my footsteps belong to the graveyard. I always speak of motivation and success yet for the moment I really look like a failure.. We just have to continue striving I guess, never giving up on what we believe is right and always be kind and forgiving to our self.. Thanx much for this.. 🙂


    1. It is kind of strange how we’re the first to blame ourselves and the last to forgive ourselves. I know what it’s like to know the words of truth and then to see in myself the failures of the flesh. We’re not perfect, but that’s what makes God’s gift of grace so amazing.


  2. „…This flute is played with fire, not with wind,
    and without this fire you would not exist.
    It is the fire of love that inspires the flute.
    It is the ferment of love that completes the wine…”
    -in the opening to Rumi’s Mathnawi
    (Translated by Helminski)



  3. Thank you for commenting and following me ! Haven’t figured out yet if you use different words for the same beliefs as I have or not… the bread, the wine, only means „sacrifice” to me. By the way, spent a week in Lucca this year and have fallen in love with Tuscany (landscape is remarkably similar to the part of California where I live):) Have a happy 2014!


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