You use me – Mi stai usando – Mă foloseşti

trilingual text: English, Italian and Romanian language

you use me somehow
instead of crutches to go
crossing the paths of love…
instead of railing…
or shadow of your fear
I, docile, I’m listening, I follow you…
just at the end we will see each
which and how will be alone, look…
to already slipped your hand, asymmetric…
So do not be surprised then


Mi stai usando in qualche modo
al posto di stampelle per andare
attraversando i sentieri dell’amore…
al posto di ringhiera…
o ombra della tua paura
io, docile, ti ascolto, ti seguo…
solo alla fine si vedrà ciascuno
quanto sarà solo, guarda…
già ti scivola la tua mano, asimmetrico…
non meravigliarti allora


(work by artist Charles Long)

mă foloseşti cumva
în chip de cârje… să mergi
străbătând cărările dragostei…
în chip de balustradă…
sau umbră fricii tale
docil te ascult, te urmez…
abia la capăt vom observa fiecare
cât va fi de singur, uite…
deja îţi lunecă asimetric mâna…
să nu te mai miri apoi


20 de gânduri despre „You use me – Mi stai usando – Mă foloseşti

      1. I know you are not. The gift was the story of the beautiful neglected Poets cemetery in Florence, and of its restoration by the beautiful lone Catholic Sr who has restored it, by creating a library, by allowing people across the world to join by sending a book, with the help in restoration from the poor people. There are many famous poets here. It was her Love for the poor ~ helping Christ ~ and the beautiful Poetic setting of this resurrection story, and the baby’s saved, that I was sharing as a gift on this special Christmas day.


  1. I think this was very nicely written. It flows well and has a good structure. I like how you use different languages underneath. I think the picture makes it visually impressive and stand out 🙂
    Please let me know what you think of my poetry as I would love to see what you think and any ways that i can improve.
    Thank you


    1. You manage to convey the message clearly
      but if you will give up clichés, those formulas too used by others
      and if you will essentialized composition and create their own metaphors
      you create the most touching poems
      I post your poem in the genre of the postmodern
      but, I am not a literary critic

      thanks of all


  2. ‘just at the end we will see each
    which and how will be alone,’
    At the end we will never be alone, even if we plead ‘Father why have you forsaken me’ For our Beloved came to reassure us All.


      1. In my experience with my secular family and friends, even those who refuse to seek God, over time I have slowly seen their use of language change, their words soften, and their rejection then tolerance of my expression become acceptance (both on Facebook and in life) their hope proves like slow yeast . . . . and the seeds dormant they begin to stir.


  3. they lean on us because we are kind enough to stand, brace and support, but also because we are feeding off their warmth…it is a symbiotic structure… a higher bond than a parasitic one.


  4. „…to already slipped your hand, asymmetric…”

    Yes, like drawing circles on paper. None of the circles can be perfect – always the pock-mark in the pencil, the pit in the paper that causes the hand to shake. Yet all are even then called circles, ‘asymmetric’ is omitted.


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