The foreigner – Straniera – Străina

trilingual post: English, Italian and Romanian translations by me

you like the symbols
beyond these are hidden the essences
you love… the love
beyond the love there is only emptiness
We are educated to have models and rules
We spend all… through the filters fools
Life passes by us as a foreigner. … hey, wait for me…!


ami i simboli
oltre questi sono nascoste le essenze
ami l’ amore
oltre l’amore c’è solo il vuoto
Siamo educati ad avere modelli e regole
Passiamo tutto attraverso i filtri sciocchi
La vita passa accanto a noi come una straniera. …ehi, aspettami…!


iubești simbolurile
dincolo de acestea se ascund esențele
iubești iubirea
dincolo de ea este doar vidul
Suntem educați să avem modele și norme
Trecem totul prin filtre neghioabe
Viața trece pe lângă noi ca o străină. Hei, așteaptă-mă…!

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20 thoughts on “The foreigner – Straniera – Străina

  1. Lovely poem Valeriu.’Beyond these are hidden the essences
    you love
    beyond love there is only emptiness.’
    Beautiful and very meaningful,thank you for this.


  2. What good is it to be educated to have models and rules when you can only see emptiness behind the Love.


  3. and then she read Ranu802 and it makes sense!


  4. Beautiful.So much said in just few words. 🙂


  5. Reblogged this on How my heart speaks and commented:
    Lovely poetry and images… check your languages too.Romanian is like you Catholics…read and enjoy


  6. Cymbals are not symbols – nice post


  7. beautiful post…so much conveyed in a few words


  8. L’ha ribloggato su valeriudgbarbu2ite ha commentato:
    Add your thoughts here… (optional)


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