musics centrifuged – musiche centrifugate – muzici centrifugate

trilingual post: English, Italian and Romanian translations by me

the water mill, ye call Earth
bad flour settles in the air at an inch from the ground
prevents us the steps, we steal our shadow…
the good flour falls
milk and bread unborn children
buzz of prayers, roar, or lament of aspirations
are stone of mill – the miller is always hidden
light, not learned of eyes, is climbing and draws gods
on the sky beyond the sky
music back then, not to the ear, but
as grain mill that ye … the call Earth …

comes back then the music, not for ear
but wheat for mill that ye call Earth …


al mulino ad acqua, voi lo chiamate Terra,
farina cattiva si deposita nell’aria ad un centimetro da suolo
c’impedisce il passo, ci ruba le ombre…
quella buona scende
pane e latte per i bambini non ancora nati
brusio delle preghiere, fragore, o lamento delle aspirazioni
sono la pietra del mulino – Mugnaio sempre si nasconde
la luce, non imparata dagli occhi, si sta arrampicando disegnando degli dei
in un cielo oltre il cielo
ritorna poi musiche, non per l’orecchio, ma
come grano per mulino che voi… lo chiamate Terra…


la moara de apă, voi îi spuneți Terra,
făina rea se așterne în aer, la un centimetru de sol
ne împiedică pasul, ne fură umbra…
cea bună coboară
pâine și lapte pruncilor nenăscuți
zumzetul rugilor, vuietul, sau vaietul, aspirațiilor
sunt piatra morii – morarul se tot ascunde
lumina, neînvățată de ochi, urcă desenând zei
pe un cer dincolo de cer
se-ntoarce apoi în muzici nu pentru ureche
ci grâu morii, voi îi spuneți Terra…

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13 thoughts on “musics centrifuged – musiche centrifugate – muzici centrifugate

  1. I feel all peaceful and at ease after reading this one. 🙂
    Nothing better than getting your hands dirty and letting your hands and soul go into the earth that we came from. It’s why gardening soothes me. Ahh and music is priceless. Hugs Paula xxx


  2. hakariconstant

    I love the imagery in this, for some reason I just like circling kinds of imagery, and “the water mill” and “the grain mill” brought to mind water wheels and millstones.

    Lately I have been fixated on the word gyre (whirlpool), and things that remind me of that kind of motion, I have just really been appreciating lately… So I really liked this poem!

    I really like the title too. Centrifuge/Centrifugate is such a beautiful word, and I have always thought so. Pairing it with the word music in the title, really drew my attention into this poem.

    Great poem Valeriu!


  3. L’ha ribloggato su valeriudgbarbu2ite ha commentato:
    Add your thoughts here… (optional)


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