Do not tell anyone …! – Non dirlo a nessuno …! – Nu mă spuneți la nimeni…!

trilingual post: English, Italian and Romanian translations by me

my wife betrays me
with me
One day is kissing me as if I were dead
means that I am husband
in another day burn the sky and flows whole between of us – he kisses me
like … forever
somehow should I get a divorce from only half a woman? …
or should I forget the husband somewhere … in the kitchen, for example …?
she loves me –
how I am so sure? … she cooks …
and to me, the other half non-divorceable, fills me with the idea of woman


mia moglie mi tradisce
proprio con me
Un giorno mi sta baciando come fossi morto
allora sono il marito
in un altro il cielo bruccia e scorre tutto tra di noi – mi bacia
come fosse… per sempre
devo chiedere il divorzio solo per la metà-donna?…
o scordare il marito da qualche parte …in cucina, per esempio…?
lei mi ama –
come sono così sicuro? … lei cucina…
e a me, l’altra metà, non-divorziabile, mi riempie l’idea di donna


femeia mă înșeală
cu mine
într-o zi mă sărută ca pe morți
atunci sunt soțul
într-alta ia foc cerul și se varsă întreg între noi – mă sărută
ca pentru totdeauna
să dau divorț doar de o jumătate de femeie?…
sau să uit soțul din mine undeva… la bucătărie, de exemplu…?
femeia mă iubește –
de unde sunt atât de sigur?… gătește ea…
iar mie, cealaltă jumătate, nedivorțabilă, îmi umple ideea de femeie

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29 de gânduri despre „Do not tell anyone …! – Non dirlo a nessuno …! – Nu mă spuneți la nimeni…!

  1. All kissing is banned. You can not divorce 1/2 a woman less you married 1/2 a woman, and you can not marry 1/2 a woman, because you divorced the first whole wife to whom you are still considered in a life long marriage with despite the whole divorce and, 1/2 a non marriage.
    Oh how I so long to be intimately held and kissed.


  2. There is only one marriage I have learned. And when He is part of the equation, it is sealed absolute. It is of the most All-powerful Spiritual dimension, a union of souls, hearts, minds and strength, so that there is a transformation of alchemy within the beloveds. T’is undoable and Eternal and Truth. And He seals it.


      1. Higher still.
        People become Christians and can be Christened by Secular parents and by materialistic documents for cultural reasons, and yet never know what it is to truly be a disciple of Christ or to truly be a Christian. But when we Trust in True authentic Love which is only ever bestowed by God in a spiritual covenant not paper documents ~ which happens but Once ~ the Spiritual Marriage between the beloveds is sealed and transformed consubstancial in the Fathers LOVE.
        God is LOVE and SPIRIT.


      2. see, there are marriages that last for more than half a century
        and others that even a month …
        between those that last are also atheists
        we have to decide to live in materiality with a strong spiritualization would not be easy, otherwise, get married only Heaven and … just


  3. God can bestow Love upon anyone atheists included. In fact many atheists can be deeply tuned in to Love. Love practical can also have sublime encounters. They just don’t acknowledge or associate that Love with God or possibly embrace its spiritual dimensions. The trouble comes when people are not learned or tuned in to either God or Love but only ‘love’ , and so commit wrongly before understanding or education, which is then forged by materialistic documents without the authentic spiritual covenant, because we as a universe have either lost our connection with our sublime creator or have failed to educate and pass on our inherited spiritual truths and wisdom.

    That for Christians, Pagans and Others is why God sent Jesus in the form of Pure Love.


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