interview – intervista – interviul

trilingual post, translations by me


if you were face to face with your heart
and you would make a very direct interview with the embarrassing questions
you, so heartless, you have the courage of respond
without hiding behind some reasons and calculations, knowing
that all turned out to be a mistake?
Your silence, or hesitation, just now reading here, is already a response
Needless to pretend that you did not understand the question…


se saresti faccia a faccia con il tuo cuore
e ti farebbe un intervista molto diretto, con delle domande imbarazzanti
te stesso, così senza cuore, avresti il coraggio di rispondere
senza nasconderti dietro alcune ragioni e calcoli, sapendo
che tutti sono risultati essere un errore?
Il tuo silenzio, o esitazione, proprio adesso leggendo qui, è già una risposta
Inutile far finta che non hai capito la domanda…


dacă ai față în față cu inima ta
și ți-ar lua un interviu prea direct, cu întrebări incomode
tu, astfel fără inimă, ai avea curajul să-i răspunzi
fără să te ascunzi în spatele unor rațiuni și calcule, știind
că totdeauna s-au dovedit a fi eronate?
Tăcerea sau ezitarea ta de-o secundă, acum, aici citind, este un răspunsul
Inutil să te prefaci că nu ai înțeles întrebarea…


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11 gânduri despre „interview – intervista – interviul

  1. Very timely, Valeriu, and so true. This is exactly what I am having to do. It is painful and confronting. The metaphor I have used recently of the Sword Bridge is apt. Thank you for bringing another sword of truth out into the open. Ali


      1. Yes, I would answer – but it would probably have to be stream of consciousness writing in order to take away the forethought and the afterthought.

        My heart is withering from the death of love and blossoming from a different love, and whispering white weeds of fear and edgy manipulation which might or might nor relate to the one I am; it is wailing of stone and rock and secrets pressed like crab apples in a bucket to be made into jelly, sweet or sour, who knows? And the heart reaches out to mend, to stitch up the vast wound with its own veins and fibres so that the Grail within came, once more, pour honeyed healing into the barrenness of earth and soul and, meeting with its male counterpart, reneact the Hieros Gamos. But it is more than just the beating vessel within my chest; it is the giant failing faltering lub dup of the Earth’s poorly heart, and it is very tired,sad and oxygen-deprived. It needs the stent of love propping open its clacified arteries; it needs the net of hope round its fragile chambers and the light poured into its empty centre. Ali


  2. I could..since I have been doing that this past year…
    though I didn’t consider love a mistake,
    for how would I know what it is when it is really a commitment on both
    and unconditional with both,….
    of course then I could be seeing something entirely different from what your question is…
    good post Valeriu….
    Take Care…You Matter…


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