riddle… indovinello… ghicitoare

trilingual post


What do you think is behind of this, strange located, small window ?

Cosa pensi sia dietro a questa, strano situata, piccola finestra?

Ce credeți că se află în spatele acestei  ferestruici amplasată straniu?

the right answer was given by mags http://mariemags.wordpress.com/ thank you so much, Congratulations


28 thoughts on “riddle… indovinello… ghicitoare

  1. follow the green arrow – seguite la freccia verde – urmăriţi săgeata verde


  2. From this small window you look out on your city and dream up the words you share with us…..


  3. It has the look of tablet of old for script.


  4. Well judging by the satellite dish and the aerial, the logical part of brain says this is from where the hunters hunt the hunted. However the roman’tic part of my brain wants to believe it is a little chapel with an altar where Mass is prayed and offered straight up to God. Lovely shaped window


  5. Un’immagine sacra….?


  6. I would so Love to . . . but have no money . . . I wait for Papa to send for me †


  7. I don’t know what is it?


  8. Reblogged this on The Blogging Path and commented:
    Prior to cheating/reading the “Comments” in response to your question, my initial “thoughts” indicated something about microwave speakers and then I sensed something religious, like a “stained glass”. Thanks.


  9. Non lo so. Forse sia una casa fantasia degli uccelli? ‘e veramente strano!


  10. Thank you for stopping by and the following.


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