New road – Nuova strada – Drum nou

Trilingual post


People are kind of moving stones
Listen the steps, billion of steps, billions of collisions
Terra is a huge concrete mixer
Probably for the somewhere, above, to building some new road
but once, the people it had their own road
Crusher of the selfishness has finely chopped
What they call today love, is just ancestral memory


La gente è una sorte di pietre in movimento.
Sentì passi, miliardi di passi, miliardi di collisioni.
Terra è un’enorme autobetoniera
Probabilmente da qualche parte la su sé sta costruendo qualche nuova strada
Ma, una volta, l’umanità aveva la propria strada,
Frantoio dell’egoismo lo ha tritato finemente.
Quello che si chiama oggi amore è soltanto memoria atavica


Oamenii sunt un fel de pietre mișcătoare
Auzi pașii, miliarde de pași, miliarde de ciocniri
Terra este o betonieră imensă
Probabil undeva sus se croiesc drumuri noi
Oamenii aveau cândva propriul lor drum dar,
Concasorul egoismului i-a sfărâmat mărunt, mărunt
Ceea ce ei numesc astăzi iubere este doar memorie ancestrală


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13 gânduri despre „New road – Nuova strada – Drum nou

  1. I feel at ease knowing you’ll include English as well as the ones you know well. It will also help others who can converse in other languages and are comfortable using any of them. It’s a great idea. Thank you.


  2. But, the ancestral memory is, I think, beginning to stir and to call out for the Grail – that great symbol of love – in order to pose the universal Grail Question. You have captured the essence of our emotional (and, I suspect, spiritual) Wasteland in this piece, Valeriu – most beautifully too. Ali


  3. Side stepping the DaVinci code and all the connotation of woman as vessel, vehicle, grail etc, and looping back to your poem there is but one Grail. The Holy Grail is Love and all who know this do not have to continue to search – just to Be.


  4. This is good – it is a good metaphor to think of woman when playing/blurring kenosis – or a vessel as Magdalene held, or a vehicle etc, as it is all imagery which represents Kenosis as I understand it – as an emptying – to be filled with God. Women of course physically have the capacity for this emptying, and then are filled with child – made with Love – so it is an easy image to foster the deeper meaning of the Holy Grail – so this translates it well – the emptying – the impregnation – the Spirit – the beginning + the end + the eternal – The grail – Love – God who is Love.


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