the visual experiments

trilingual post




there is something poetical  in these photos …

c’è qualcosa poetico in queste foto…  

este ceva poetic în aceste fotografii …

photos by me, captured yesterday 30.09.2013


9 thoughts on “the visual experiments

  1. The trash by the bag and the terrible condition of the buildings shows how little the people there care. I say that is disgusting not poetic.


    • look at the contrasts, these have air conditioners but not have money to make the plaster – third photo, he forgot the handbag in the window, here is not a shop selling handbags
      guarda i contrasti, questi hanno condizionatori ma non hanno soldi per fare l’intonaco – terza foto, ha scordato la borsa nella vetrina, qui non è un negozio di borse


  2. The uneasy juncture of up to date and out of date


  3. stark reality of the building.


  4. Yes, very poetic, suggesting the passage of time and somehow loneliness.


  5. poetry never lies!


  6. Beautiful images. Thanks for sharing! Thanks for visiting my site! The world needs all the inspiration we can spread.


  7. malinconico “rapimento” di bellezza…..


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