train and contrasts – treno e contrasti

photos by valeriu dg barbu


return of Rome – ritorno a Roma


make up one’s mind – decidere


too late… – troppo tardi…


almost same – quasi lo stesso


were so at the beginning? – erano così all’inizio?


8 thoughts on “train and contrasts – treno e contrasti

  1. One of my favorite beach bums here is an elderly Italian gentleman from near Lago Maggiore…my favorite place on earth, that lake district. I used to get out of Milan every week, visiting Florence, Venice, Padua, Verona, Torino, but ended up in the lake district over and over for some soul satisfaction. The return to Milan and my Rosanna always left me with mixed feelings.
    Fun little bit of photo-journalist train tripping.


  2. Hello Valeriu 🙂 I wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for blogging excellence awards. Congratulations! Should you choose to, the criteria and acceptance info can be found here:


  3. Belle immagini, bei contrasti.
    Questo post fa riflettere con semplicità 😉


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  5. For those, like me, who do not live there, could you  include captions? Please


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