one step away – ad un passo – la un pas

trilingual text


You tear the poet from the man, you look at him as if he were a handicap
When, contorted so that he fits in the shell of this planet,
He is to himself the necessary bitter bitterness,
So that the sweet, the poem in your heart that you wouldn’t know how to write
Be sweet…
You tear little foils off of the word and try them on like shirts and you are amazed
At how unlikely the resemblances man- poet- man, are
Without him the wonder would be blunt, opaque,
The questions would be closed in half syllables..
Even Death would commit suicide because of the inert boredom, if the current day weren’t
careful enough to keep a step behind the poet, the guardian of love aspiration

Motto (imagine a he Shakespeare and a she Shakespeare, a black Shakespeare, an Asian Shakespeare, an American – Indian Shakespeare, baptize Terra Shakespeare and you will see how another type of society develops, a step away from love… with all weapons settling down like useless dust)


strappi il poeta dall’uomo, lo guardi come se sia un handicap
quando lui, contorto in modo che s’inserisce nel guscio di questo pianeta,
egli è per se stesso l’amarezza, necessario amaro,
in modo che il dolce, sia dolce – la poesia nel tuo cuore che tu non lo sai scriverla,
strappi piccole lamine della parola e li provi come camicie e ti stupisci
a quanto improbabile sono le somiglianze uomo-poeta-uomo,
senza di lui l’esclamazione sarebbe ottusa, opaco,
le domande sarebbero chiuse a mezzo sillabe ..
Anche la morte sarebbe suicidata a causa della noia inerte, se non avesse
abbastanza odierna cura a mantenersi ad un passo dietro il poeta, il guardiano d’aspirazione all’amore

Motto (immaginate uno lui Shakespeare e una lei Shakespeare, uno Shakespeare nero, uno Shakespeare asiatico, uno indo-americano Shakespeare, battezzate la Terra Shakespeare e vedrete come un altro tipo di società si sviluppa, ad un passo d’amore … con tutte le armi cadendo come un’inutile polvere)


rupi poetul de om, îl priveşti ca pe un handicap
când, contorsionat să încapă în coaja acestei planete,
el îi este amarul necesar de amar
pentru ca dulcele, poemul din inima ta pe care tu n-ai şti să-l scrii,
să fie dulce…
rupi cuvântului foiţe şi le probezi ca pe cămăşi, te miri
cât de nepotrivite sunt asemănările om-poet-om
fără el mirările ar rămâne boante, opace,
întrebările ar fi închise în jumătăţi de silabe…
până şi Moartea s-ar sinucide de inertul plictis, dacă n-ar avea
grija odiernă să stea la un pas pe urmele poetului, păstrătorul aspiraţiei la iubire

motto: (imaginează-ţi: un shakespeare şi o shakespeara, un shakespeare negru, asiatic, amerindian, botează Terra Shakespeare şi vei vedea cum se instaurează o altfel de societate, la un pas de iubire… cu armele toate căzând ca un colb inutil)


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22 thoughts on “one step away – ad un passo – la un pas

  1. So true! I bend down and greet with immense admiration everything you share with us. Thank you!


  2. You walk the beauty way brother. I honour your path. A gift:
    The poet
    Is a pilgrim
    On the path
    To a place
    No foot can tread.
    A secret shrine,
    Safe from dogma,
    No priest shall
    Ever preside upon.
    Every poet
    Is a prophet.


  3. Again, you show us the wonder – poet man.


  4. I don’t know why? But I read this 3 times.


    It just drew me in and I didn’t want it to end.
    But all good things must come to an end, right? 🙂

    Have a great week, Valeriu.
    Nite from Oz. Paula xxx


  5. Your poetry is B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. – I look at the monument of the “kissers” and I imagine, would they have ever thought that spur-of-the-moment kiss would have created such an iconic legacy leaving such an everlasting impression on hearts/generations to come?

    Anyway, keep up the great work. Those words are words of wisdom!


  6. Who are you? Where did you come from? Why aren’t you famous?
    You are blowing my mind, Mister.

    You remind me of the German poet, Rilke:

    ” Whoever you are, go out into the world,
    leaving your home, of which you know each bit.
    Your house is the last before the infinite,
    whoever you are.

    And you have made the world
    and it shall grow and ripen as a word, unspoken still.
    When you have grasped its meaning with your will
    Then tenderly your eyes will let it go.”

    Except I think you are better than him. Than he.


  7. Reblogged this on therefugiaxo.


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