The taming of losing it – Bisbetica di quel saltato dal fisso – Îmblânzirea săritului de pe fix

Trilingual text


The ink gets sour in the pen
the sheet of paper bends a corner
my hinges lose their pin
and you’re asking me to stay with it?
No, I jump

My dream lovers are running away
I am dragging my life until all my teeth fall
in the calendar, the saints are scolding me
asking me to bear my stupidity yoke in a docile manner
But no, myself is losing it

from the well and jump back into the lake
and I write with the blood and water
the paper no longer fits me
with its corner defeated
No, I jump

and bitterness adds to bitterness
until nothing matters anymore
the sour ink if still awake,
pours new awareness in my bones
Docile, I’m losing it no more


L’inchiostro diventa acido nella penna
il foglio di carta in un angolo si piega
le mie cerniere perdono il loro perno
E tu mi stai chiedendo di restare fisso?
No, io salto

Le amanti fuggono nel mio sogno
di vita sto tirando con i denti finche cadono
nel calendario i santi mi rimproverano
mi chiedono a portar docile la mia stupidità nel giogo
Ma no, io salto

e salto dal pozzo di nuovo nel lago
e scrivo con il sangue e l’acqua
la carta più non mi si adatta
con il suo angolo sconfitto
No, mi salto

E assaggio amarezza dopo amarezza
finche niente conta più
L’inchiostro aspro se è sveglio,
verserà nuova consapevolezza nelle mie ossa
docile, non salto più


cerneala se acreşte-n pix
hârtiei i se-ndoaie colţul
din balamale-mi cade bolţul
şi-mi cereţi să rămân pe fix?
Nu, eu sar
iubitele în vis îmi fug
de viaţă trag până-mi cad dinţii
în calendar mă ceartă sfinţii
să-mi car docil prostia în jug
Nu, eu sar
şi sar din puţ-napoi în lac
şi scriu cu sânge şi cu ape
hârtia nu mă mai încape
când colţului îi vin de hac
Nu, mă sar
şi gust amar după amar
pân’ce nimic nu mai contează
cerneală acră de e trează
îmi varsă-n oase nou habar
cuminte, nu mai sar



12 gânduri despre „The taming of losing it – Bisbetica di quel saltato dal fisso – Îmblânzirea săritului de pe fix

  1. Valeriu what you and your friends are doing is wrong. Penetrating peoples private worlds and using their grief and their lesson and their personal communications to fuel your work in order to subliminally manipulate them. I have no idea under whose authority you work, but the fact that you and your ‘friends’ offer email contact and then all fail to answer the email is very dodgy.

    God is One. a One off He is does His work quite naturally and beautifully. And through Jesus Christ we have a friend a lover, a spouse, a perfect gentleman, a confident, and a path to God. That does not give you the right or your ‘co-workers’ to infiltrate people lives and infiltrate their privacy and their private emails uninvited.

    God is so deeply imbedded within each of us, that in every relationship we encounter God has the potential to meet God. If those relationships are severed, thwarted, cut, or seperated by man and mans ‘power’ then man plays a part in denying the right for God to work through them.

    I Love and hate your poetry. It is brilliantly attuned to your subject. But lacks the vital skills of knowing the personal pastoral intimacies of the lives you are writing for, and in this your work is misplaced. You obviously are aware of your great skill and of the effects of your manipulations.

    But it is wrong.

    God is Love. He alone has the authority.


    1. God is Love. He alone has the authority.
      here can not be against
      but in what concerns the e-mail address, I will not ask for nothing
      I do not think there are reasons look like a soldier who makes the orders of commanders hostile
      even doing things subliminal
      I write freely, even against, protester regard
      though sometimes I can be less clear in the ideas, it is true
      or perhaps because of translation
      but they are not an enemy
      maybe if I had his faith so strong
      thank you from the heart and I assure you of my good intentions


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