echoes of a spectacle – echi di uno spettacolo – ecourile unui spectacol

photos by valeriu dg barbu at zoomarine Rome


for ye…





Yesterday was my 45th birthday … – Ieri è stato il mio 45 ° compleanno …

34 de gânduri despre „echoes of a spectacle – echi di uno spettacolo – ecourile unui spectacol

  1. Happy happy birthday…and all magical wishes. You bring such light and inspiration always!
    Forgive me for intruding for a moment with the issue of the dolphins…there is such tragedy behind their capture and captivity around the world. I didn’t know about it all until The Cove and so many other documentaries, and this past year more involvement and research of what is going on and why these mammals are so special. My hope is that all of us who know and care and love this world can contribute to inform and end this terrible thing once and for all. ~ love


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