In this very moment – In questo stesso momento – chiar în acest moment

Trilingual text


in this very moment
a baby takes his first breath
a soul sleeps out of a body, like a wonder, too early
in this very moment, in the sheets of a bed, orgasm is achieved –
another is merely simulated,
a human being, as a shirt of another, tries the worst pains,
another is subjected to violence in this very moment
we reach new heights in all times famine, we give prizes for disease
rounds of applauses, high emotions that take your breath away, nominations for high positions
historical discoveries and betrayals, abominable plans are concocted
in this very moment
I wrote all the above as if at the same time, while you read it
this unique and countless choir, like a joint plea,
turns the planet
love goes to waste like air that escapes breathing, like a light
in the world of the blind


in questo stesso momento
un bambino prende il suo primo respiro
un’anima dorme fuori di un corpo, come un’esclamazione, troppo presto
in questo momento, tra le lenzuola di un letto, l’orgasmo è raggiunto –
un altro è meramente simulato,
un essere umano prova, come una camicia di un altro, i peggiori dolori,
un altro è oggetto di violenza in questo stesso momento
arriva a nuove vette di carestia vecchia, malattie, qualcuno riceve un premio,
turni d’applausi, alte emozioni mozzafiato, qualcuno è nominato per le posizioni alte
si fanno scoperte storiche e tradimenti, si sta tramando intenzioni efferati
in questo stesso momento
ho scritto tutto quanto sopra come se, allo stesso tempo, mentre tu leggi,
questo coro unico e innumerevole, come una preghiera congiunta,
ruota il pianeta
l’amore e uno spreco come l’aria che sfugge a respirare, come una luce
nel mondo dei ciechi


chiar în acest moment
un prunc respiră aici întâia oară –
un suflet părăseşte ca o mirare trup, prea devreme,
chiar în acest moment sub aşternuturi se ajunge la orgasm –
un altul e doar simulat,
un om probează ca pe-o cămaşă a altuia, cele mai cumplite dureri,
un altul este supus la violenţe chiar în acest moment
se ating apogeuri în foamete veche, în boli, se conferă premii,
aplauze, emoţii tăind respiraţii, numiri în funcţii înalte,
descoperiri epocale şi trădări, se uneltesc intenţii odioase
chiar în acest moment
am scris acestea simultan parcă, tu citind,
în vreme ce corul acesta unic şi nemăsurat, ca o rugă comună,
învârte planeta –
iubirea se iroseşte ca un aer nerespirat, ca o lumină în lumea orbilor



47 de gânduri despre „In this very moment – In questo stesso momento – chiar în acest moment

  1. Very powerful poem. Captures the moments going on in the world that we sometimes forget are happening. Not only were you able to write it beautifully in one language, but you managed to do it in three. I just started my blog experience, and it is very inspirational to see someone doing so well with their writing. Best of luck and keep up the awesome work 🙂


  2. ‘love goes to waste like air that escapes breathing, like a light
    in the world of the blind’

    The evening of the afternoon that my father died, I walked round to a casual (not at that point close) friends house, I needed to tell somebody he had died. it was as if I couldn’t walk straight or upright because I was too outside of myself, and I felt this physical cushion around the very back of my body supporting me in my paraylsis.

    ‘love goes to waste like air that escapes breathing, like a light
    in the world of the blind’

    thank God for wasted air.


  3. Buenissimo, esto es lo que la humanidad necesita, como un reflejo en el espejo.
    This is what humanity needs… Your poem is like a reflection in the mirror.Thanks for sharing it „in this very moment” Valeriu


  4. Reblogged this on 1WriteWay and commented:
    Valeriu writes in three languages and so his words and images are often deeply moving. For instance, this: “love goes to waste like air that escapes breathing, like a light in the world of the blind”


  5. Sublime. That was very special, almost anthem-like. I believe many who aren’t commenting feel kinship through this universal plea. I only wish I could appreciate the words in the other languages.

    With respect, Jim


  6. In this very moment, life goes on…even if there’s is war, death and pain all over the world, and sometimes only next door. Thank you for this article that can only move us in one way or another. Have a nice week-end.


  7. I don’t think anybody humane was intentally indifferent. It is a matter of survival not to be judged. That will always be unitl maturity takes the lead.


  8. Besides the fact that your descriptive words entice the imagination, it is that you write so well in both languages that’s interesting. „Passion remains and needs no language” 🙂 Thanks for following my blog and I certainly enjoy reading yours.


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