you are this child – tu sei questo bambino – tu eşti acest copil

trilingual text

this child, killed today
by indifference,
by favorable economic gaps for namely someone,
by weapons increasingly too professional
by ambitions and scientific experiments,
by industrial progress and by excessive chemical transformation of foods,
by anti-human laws and by political decisions and strategic
part of the national security … it could have been
it could have been the doctor that you would be saved from death
it could have been the one, who would lead by the arm if you would have become blind due your modern gluttony,
it could have been the genius that humanity has imperious need
it could have been the priest that officiate your funerals
it could have been a holy… and also be
into all those who today condemn children to death…
social systems are built at the feet of God Money
the rest is an immense, immeasurable hypocrisy…
this baby killed today, it’s you

questo bambino, ucciso oggi
dalle lacune economiche favorevoli a qualcuno,
dagli armi sempre troppo professionali
dalle ambizioni e gli esperimenti scientifici,
dal progresso industriale e dall’eccessiva trasformazione chimica del cibo,
dalle leggi antiumane e dalle decisioni politiche e strategiche
parte della sicurezza nazionale … avrebbe potuto essere
avrebbe potuto essere il medico che ti sarebbe salvato dalla morte
potrebbe essere stato chi avrebbe portarti per un braccio se diventassi cieco a causa della tua moderna ingordigia,
avrebbe potuto essere il genio che l’umanità ha imperioso bisogno
avrebbe potuto essere il sacerdote che officia i tuoi funerali
avrebbe potuto essere un santo … e anche esserlo
in tutti quelli che oggi condannano a morte i bambini …
gli sistemi sociali sono costruiti ai piedi di Dio Denaro
il resto è un immenso, incommensurabile ipocrisia …
questo bambino ucciso oggi, lo sei tu


copilul acesta ucis astăzi
de indiferenţă,
de decalaje economice favorabile cuiva,
de arme tot mai profesionale,
de ambiţii şi de experimente ştiinţifice,
de progres industrial şi de chimizarea excesivă a hranei,
de legi anti-umane şi de decizii politice şi strategice,
ţinând de siguranţa naţională… putea fi
putea fi medicul care te-ar fi salvat de la moarte,
putea fi cel care te-ar duce de braţ, dacă vei orbi de moderna ta îmbuibare,
putea fi geniul de care umanitatea are imperioasă nevoie,
putea fi preotul care ţi-ar fi oficiat funeraliile,
putea fi un sfânt şi …totodată, putea fi
în toţi cei care astăzi condamnă copiii la moarte…
sistemele sociale se clădesc la picioarele Zeului Ban,
restul este o imensă, nemăsurată făţărnicie…
copilul acesta ucis astăzi eşti tu


46 de gânduri despre „you are this child – tu sei questo bambino – tu eşti acest copil

  1. I do remember reading something like this at one point in my life : „what if the cure for cancer lies in the mind of a child who does not afford an education?” I have to say your work is a grotesquely beautiful , beautifully grotesque paradox, lying somewhere between your ability of connecting possibilities to one another and the tragedy that it depicts to begin with. Few people have the ability to walk this thin line between the two so I will have to say Bravo!. This is the first post I happened to read on your blog. Looking forward to reading more of it. Keep up the good work! And yes, I too believe that the pain ( or in this case death ) of one affects all other people in the world , it’s just that they don’t know it and were they to know it they wouldn’t care. It’s sad indeed. Have a great evening!


    1. heartfelt thank you …
      every child who dies, the died and into we, the future
      the way I write about them, is not only comparative, contrasting, but, also, have meant to awaken the spirit to a reality that often we refuse to a recognize us


  2. Take an extra lunch bag to work or town with you and feed the homeless person, they will be truly grateful, raise awareness in your town for those who are hungry and poorly, join as S.V.P group. raise money for Cafod. They work with the 40 poorest countries. Pray. Hope. Love.


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