syrup from earth / sciroppo della terra / siropul pământului

trilingual text

here is the syrup – the anthroposphere means seven billion tears,
moans crystalline

we love the children as the bearers of water jugs
to old age – how much water will use us?

the rustle, and their aspirations to grow large, it gives us vertigo –
we give them an education, our same mistakes made

for a time, we are too young to understand
then, we are experiencing the failures that end up too late to understand

core of age hides a major accident, never the calendars
just a moment you will be credible, glorious and beloved – the rest are the echoes…

children do not have any obligation to become what we were not able us
the inalienable rights of their failing, are sacred

anthroposphere means seven billion tears
view from up there, the planet is a tear of the Lord – we, the old the bearers of water jugs

an overwhelming matrix: we are all in a row with a pitcher of water in hand
to take a flawless fate

the whining of the earth is a music rheumatic, gears and distilleries
refining sighs, the eye squeezing the inability to understand each child


ecco lo sciroppo – l’antroposfera vuol dire sette miliardi di lacrime,
di gemiti cristallini

amiamo i bambini come dei portatori di brocche d’acqua
alla vecchiaia – quanta acqua ci servirà?

il fruscio, e le loro aspirazioni per crescere grandi, ci da delle vertigini –
li diamo loro un’educazione, gli stessi nostri compiuti errori

per un tempo, siamo troppo piccoli per capire
poi, stiamo sperimentando dei fallimenti che finiscono per troppo tardi da capire

nocciolo dell’età nasconde un incidente rilevante, mai i calendari
solo un attimo le sarai credibile, glorioso e amato – il resto sono degli echi …

i bambini non hanno alcun obbligo di diventare quello che non siamo stati noi capaci
gli loro diritti inalienabili di non riuscire, sono sacri

antroposfera vuol dire sette miliardi di lacrime
vista da là su, pianeta è una lacrima del Signore – noi, vecchi portatori di brocche d’acqua

una matrice travolgente: noi tutti in fila con una brocca d’acqua in mano
per prendere un destino impeccabile

il piagnisteo della terra è una musica reumatica, ingranaggi e distillerie
raffinando sospiri, l’occhio spremendo l’incapacità di comprendere ogni bambino


iată siropul – antroposfera înseamnă şapte miliarde de lacrimi
de scâncete cristaline
iubim copiii ca pe nişte purtători de căni cu apă
la bătrâneţe – câtă apă ai să vrei?
freamătul şi pretenţiile lor de a fi mari ne-ameţesc –
le dăm educaţia aceloraşi erori împlinite
până la o vreme, eşti prea mic să-nţelegi
apoi, experimentezi eşecuri sfârşind în …prea târziu să mai înţelegi
miezul vârstei îl ascunde o întâmplare majoră, nicidecum calendarele
doar o clipă vei fi credibil, glorios şi iubit – restul ecouri…
copiii n-au obligaţia să devină ce n-am reuşit noi,
drepturilor lor inalienabile să nu reuşească sunt sacre
antroposfera înseamnă şapte miliarde de lacrimi
văzută de sus, planeta e lacrima Domnului – noi, bătrînii purtătorii de cană
un tablou covârşitor: toţi cu o cană în mână la rând
să luăm destin impecabil
muzica pământului un scâncet reumatic, angrenaje-distilerii
rafinănd suspinul, stoarcem ochiului neputinţa să-nţelegem copiii



20 de gânduri despre „syrup from earth / sciroppo della terra / siropul pământului

      1. If you say that, you say it happened to you in your youth too? Did the parents always judge their shoulders too small? Mine did not. We tend to judge not as children we were but as the adults we are now wanting to protect the children from? So prehaps if we were protected from it too much we do the same thing? I am a parent. I don’t know if you are one.


      2. protect mean a thing, put the responsibility is another thing …
        our generations it wasted, spend on behalf of the children’s future …
        the governmental loans, crises, falimento dele pensions … and many others … them paggeranno them, the children, that today, we can even pretend to protect them …(in my childhood I did not suffer at all, I have been living full freedom, even if I was in a system totalitarian Ceausescu)


      3. Well then you know how to live. I sincerely have trouble with with personal illustration of govenrment that soul, as the utlimate authority have always been without failure in output. So you are coming from the role model end which means you like me survived it well.


      4. I bit of looking the three up in the dictionary of globalization, which means standardize, imperilism is subservant to state, totaltarin is subservant with diplomacy as an option to military, where all this confuses me is how it is compared to syrup of earth such as the phrase not of this earth when there is nothing but non standard on earth. The only thing here that matches earth is earth answers to the universe which is still non standrad and the only individual dictating is chemical. So I guess the governemnt typically is not of this earth. Which then means none of them in history were standardise by indivudality. which to me means unite by division. I think I have it now. all are victims of the three since the beginning and don;t understand unit by division. That the individuality holds more more then the standardized just like earth, nature. So the top authroity was always surface judgement and no more. Judging that way whereever they went. So in a dictatorship, the usa was becoming does not understand the brutal for the most part of surface judgement that requires time in forinsics. We are young and did not escape it all starting vicitms of standardizing. To me the start of that is one opion over another for any length of time that took from another so the legisaltive system is nothing but a brutal warfare with no solution to it ever. It always had both war and diplomacy in it meaning the syrup? A direct conflict. There is no diplomacy in war. Tell me if it sounds like I got it.


  1. Surreal ! I find that it becomes rather mechanical, this need of subjecting children to the obligation of becoming what their parents or grandparents could not. It is rather psychological, you know? They don’t realize until you make them aware , and even then they will deny doing it. I’ve been there… and it is understandable that they are not to blame. We all try at one point or another to force our beliefs on other people, oblivious of the possibility of our beliefs not actually fitting their own formerly established goals. It’s human nature. Your poems are beyond beautiful, they betray pain and thoughtfulness; few poets at all write with such passion nowadays. Stay inspired ! 🙂


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