without doubts / senza dubbi / fără dubii

trilingual post


for us to count our certainties, should we have
the chemical formula of love
the doubts carry us with hesitant steps, blind, forward
– often, we go forward; we look back
and if we could look back, up to the maximum, if we got even
right behind ourselves, here is the end of the horizon…
– look, what a small world… fits in your heart…
if we would have only the certainties, there would be little poetry
not an exclamation, or a mystery, or a fear, nor an emotion…
we would live constrained only by the rules of the present, continual
no past, no future… – here’s why I love my doubts…


Per poter contare le nostre certezze, dovremmo avere
formula chimica dell’amore
Gli dubbi ci portano i passi esitanti, cieco, in avanti
– Spesso, andremo avanti guardando indietro
e se possiamo guardare indietro fino al massimo, si potrebbe arrivare anche
proprio dietro di noi, qui è la fine dell’orizzonte …
– guarda, che mondo piccolo … s’inserisce nel tuo cuore …!
Se avremo solo delle certezze, ci sarebbe poco di poesia
Né un’esclamazione, né un mistero né una paura, né un’emozione …
ci sarà vissuta vincolata dalle norme del presente continuo
senza passato, senza futuro … – Ecco perché amo i miei dubbi …

să putem număra certitudini ne-ar trebui
formula chimică a iubirii
dubiile ne poartă paşii şovăitori, orbi, spre înainte
– deseori mergem înainte privind înapoi
şi dacă am reuşi să privim înapoi până la maxim, am ajunge chiar
chiar în spatele nostru, aici este capătul orizontului…
– ca să vezi ce mică este lumea… încape în inima ta…!
dacă am avea doar certitudini, nu ar mai fi strop de poezie,
nicio mirare, niciun mister, nicio frică, nicio emoţie…
am trăi constrânşi în normele unui prezent continuu
fără trecut, fără viitor… – motiv pentru care, eu îmi iubesc dubiile…


15 gânduri despre „without doubts / senza dubbi / fără dubii

  1. The Mystery of Love but as for doubts we never have to doubt God’s Love …He is Love, will He ever let us down …Never! will He break a promise …Never! will He remain Faithful… Always! will He reject us, only if we reject Him in our heart, He has no other choice…He is the only way and His Love is the only one that is eternal, worldly love ends.

    Your deep thoughts prompt mine, thank you Valeriu.

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne


    1. Dearest people wordly Love does not come to an end. It goes on in a different form. It transforms. My father died 8 years ago on May 12th. Love is eternal. Not because I want or need it to be, because I know it to be because of the Love I still feel both ways. Love God Blessed.


      1. When you dear people know the difference between God’s Love and worldly Love or fleshy Love, then you will understand what the Bible means when it tells us God is Love and only His Love is eternal because it is perfect and we too have to be perfected in His Love but this is not what the world calls perfection.

        We were all Created in the Likeness of God so we mirror His goodness but without The Holy Spirit it will end when we die or before if we continue to sin without heart repentance. There is only one way to God and that is through Jesus Christ His Son.

        Only God knows a persons Destiny, we must not judge those who do not repent they many still do so on there death bed but if they do not go to Heaven and we do, we will have no memory of them but when on earth we hold our Loved ones in our heart and they remain with us as both of you and I know.

        Christian Love – Anne


  2. „When you dear people know the difference between God’s Love and worldly Love or fleshy Love,”
    Very pointed.
    I am a celibate woman who is married. I have continued to Love others in the face of nastiness and unjust unkindness in a celibate way, at this point I will leave you to yourself.

    The Holy Spirit is Love and it works in great and mysterious way.

    Valeriu your poetry is very beautiful and transcendent and special, thankyou for the days I chose to follow. God bless.


  3. I like the idea of living in the present. Its not living in a delusional past or living in arrogantly ambitious future. A step a time. A day a time. That way, we can appreciate today.


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