Manifesto for a flower


who among us is not excited about a flower?

drunkenness of color, perfection of forms, often breathtaking…

especially drunkenness of perfume

the flowers are nothing more than

sex to plants, imagine

another creature, more emotional and more poetic

like we humans

and break us sexual organs to make a gift

to the delight of their partners…

most beautiful flowers are nameless, that living

and if we humans we not have them break it ever

Planet Earth will become a paradise…


chi di noi non è entusiasta di un fiore?

d’ubriachezza di colore, perfezione delle forme, spesso mozzafiato …

soprattutto, ubriachezza dei profumi

gli fiori non sono altro che

sesso delle piante, immaginatevi

ad un’altra creatura, più emozionante e più poetica

come noi umani

e di romperci gli organi sessuali per farsi un regalo

per la gioia dei loro partner …

gli più bei fiori sono senza nome, quelli vivi

e se noi umani non li romperemo mai …

Pianeta Terra diventerebbe il paradiso …


pe cine nu emoţionează… o floare…!

beţia de culori, desăvârşirea formelor, adesea uluitoare…

dar mai ales beţia parfumurilor

florile nu sunt altceva decât

sexul plantelor, imaginaţi-vă

să fie o altă vieţuitoare, mult mai emotivă şi poetică

decât noi oamenii

şi să ne rupă organele sexuale pentru a le oferi în dar

spre bucuria partenerilor lor…

cele mai frumoase flori sunt cele nenumite, sunt cele vii

şi dacă noi oamenii nu le-am mai rupe…

Terra ar deveni planeta paradis …

28 thoughts on “Manifesto for a flower

  1. Belle parole! Hai pienamente ragione sono d’accordo con te!
    ….Ora si legge tutto molto bene! Grazie!


  2. another do I have this right? It is takig one folower that compliments nother and hte more diffrent type of flowers you can put together to make an attractive boquet is the best .


  3. Marina M. C.



  4. bowiicharinee

    I come here to say thanks for like my post.
    I knew maybe you cannot read my language bur thx so much and nice to meet you.
    sorry,I can’t read your post because I don’t understand your language, too.


  5. every post is a song for the soul…and i feel so blessed to be able to fully enjoy them in two languages, because the nuances in each one are such a treat. as for my modest guesses in Italian, those too work at times, and add even more magic.🙂


  6. […] I went to the Reader, the third post I saw was entitled Manifesto for a Flower. and the third line, “especially, drunkenness […]


    • who among us is not excited about a flower?

      drunkenness of color, perfection of forms, often breathtaking…

      especially, drunkenness perfume

      the flowers are nothing more than… 222 more words and 19 comments

      to me… looks this …
      thank, snow I correcting


  7. i really enjoyed this. you have a wonderful mind


  8. Beautiful. We humans are flower killers…


  9. Reblogged this on Musings© and commented:
    Awesome post by Valeriu


  10. condivido i tuoi pensieri sui fiori,
    li amo tutti, sono vita, sentimento, poesia….
    i fiori sono vita. eda


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