in the arms of mother


.motto:  next to me a blade of grass rises

             obedient we look together to …the blue

they returned… those beautiful dizziness

when in mother’s arms I was equal with everyone

– yesterday, I watched to you: how small you’ve become, mom…!

Today is your turn to be …high

too …high


motto:  accanto a me un filo d’erba sorge

             in silenzio, assieme guardiamo l’azzurro

torna quelle vertigini splendide

su, tra le braccia della madre in cui ero uguale a tutti

– Ieri ti guardavo: quanto mi sei rimasta piccola, mamma …!

Oggi è il tuo turno di diventare di nuova alta

troppo alta …


motto: Lângă mine un fir de iarbă se înalţă

           cuminţi privim împreună albastrul

se întorc acele ameţeli frumoase

când din braţele mamei eram egal cu toată lumea

– ieri te priveam, cât de mică mi-ai rămas mamă…!

astăzi este rândul tău să devii iar înaltă

prea înaltă…


25 de gânduri despre „in the arms of mother

  1. Buna ziua! Am fost in Romania 1996-1998. Am inteleg romaneste. Sunt bucur da poetul a visitat blogul meu. Your poem is very beautiful. April 4/5 is the time of Qingming 清明 [clear brightness] in China. Tomb-sweeping Day, Tomb-sweeping festival. Like November 1 and 2 in other countries. I am very surprised to find a poem perfect for Qingming in English, Italian and Romanian. Some of my poems are written in English and in German. One time I tried to translate a poem from German into Chinese. Sorrow has helped bring forth some of my poems. Love and sorrow. Sunt bucur cognoste dumneavostra!


      1. yeah, so that’s true. If that true I must show my respect to you. That was incredible tactic, wish that I could apply to make my blog more visitors, but my blog contains only Vietnamese and in Viet Nam, we don’t have much wordpress users like in other country. You also impress me to have your blog in three languages, that was awesome


      2. it very kind of you to offer that, but I use materials in English, so that i don’t want to write my blog in English that make people think of copy and paste. More than that, I write this blog in order to share what I think interesting to other VietNamese people who don’t understand English.


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